CALM | Chill Pill - $29.99


Naturally Boost Mood & Soothe Stress

Stressed and anxious on the daily? Kids running wild and the boss on fire? Peace out for a sec with CALM. Our natural anxiety reducers and herbal remedies for relaxation will serve up a much-needed helping of calm to counter your daily chaos and even give you a more restful night's sleep.

Don’t get swallowed up by your worries. Get back to your beautiful, sassy self with CALM. This is one smart chill pill designed to combat the mild feelings of worry and angst many of us experience.

How It Works

Wouldn't you like every day to feel a little bit better? CALM employs vitamins like B-12 and minerals like magnesium, which have been shown to fight depression and mood swings. (1, 2, 3) Low magnesium is linked to inflammation and depression — both important reasons to supplement your daily diet with CALM. (4)

  • 5-HTP, Rhodiola, + B-12 Enhance Serotonin Processing
  • Contains Mood-Enhancing Magnesium, GABA, 5-HTP, + Bacopa
  • Always Vegetarian
  • 100% Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Soy, + Dairy-Free
  • Organic + Sustainably Sourced
  • Made in the USA
  • Lab Tested

Designed to Help You

  • Enjoy more restful sleep
  • Better handle mild worries and social anxiety
  • Smooth over daily bumps at work and home
  • Naturally regulate mood when taken consistently

A smoother day and better-regulated sleep? Yes, please. Gently ease over the bumps of daily life and say hello to the best version of you with this powerful natural solution formulated with ingredients such as 5-HTP, Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, and Rhodiola.*


This amino acid is produced from a native African plant that helps the brain and nervous system produce more serotonin, which can help combat depression, insomnia, obesity, a low sex drive, and more.


Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb native to India and North Africa that naturally helps reduce stress and anxiety by reducing blood sugar and cortisol levels. It also has anti-cancer properties and may reduce symptoms of depression.


L-Theanine promotes full-body relaxation without any drowsiness. In addition to having anxiety and stress-relief properties, L-Theanine can also help increase focus, immunity levels, blood pressure control, sleep quality, and more.


Rhodiola helps to support healthy levels of serotonin and dopamine by organically reducing stress, helping to combat fatigue, and increasing mental performance.


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