Nourishing the precious life that depends on you requires extra attention to what you put in your body. MAMA is the essential prenatal and pregnancy formula that helps provide the nutritional foundation your body needs to nurture you and your little one (for adults only).*


DHA, sourced from vegan algae, helps support baby’s brain and eye development. It has also been known to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve ADHD, fight inflammation, and reduce the risk of premature births.

Folic Acid

MAMA provides vital folate in a methylated form (folic acid) so that it is more effectively absorbed and can get work faster by supporting your baby’s neural tube development, which includes the brain and spine.


Making an appearance in the gentle ferrous bisglycinate form, this type of iron is tolerated and absorbed better than other forms of iron. Combined with natural vitamin B-12, the vitamin assists with maternal blood supply.

Liposomal Vitamin C

This premium fat-soluble form of vitamin C is better absorbed by the body, so it can help make collagen and metabolize folate and iron at a faster rate.

Chelated Zinc

Chelated zinc supports the immune system and helps the body make proteins, supports cell division, and synthesizes DNA for new cells.

Vitamin D3

Derived from wild-harvested lichen and combined with calcium from algae work, these superstars work together to support the growth of bones and teeth and can help reduce the risk of preeclampsia.