The Evvobody Story

The story of EVVOBODY began with my own health and wellness journey that started after I found myself physically and emotionally depleted at the end of my 20-year marriage. As a stay-at-home mom of four with a college degree that had laid unused for almost two decades, I took a look around and felt everything start to crumble.


I experienced what many women do during a divorce: a complete sense of loss and loneliness. Twenty years evaporated like smoke. I hadn’t lost my kids, but I had lost our family unit. I had lost my faith and community. It all took a toll on my health, and I was constantly worried, stressed, and tired. I developed digestive issues and was taking medication for sleep and depression.


I felt disconnected as I had resisted change and set my mind against it. This wasn’t the life I had planned. I was coming from a place of fear, and while there were so many unknowns, I did know this: I couldn’t go on with the way things were. 


I also knew that standard medicine was coming up short — I wasn’t getting everything that I needed. I wanted to find answers and, more importantly, I wanted to find myself again. So I began to learn about natural remedies that could heal in ways that traditional medicine couldn’t. I discovered new ways to direct focus and soul and manifestation, and through this process, I began to rebuild. I tapped into that strength within, stepped out of my fog, and started down a new path of positive change.


After exhaustive research and exploration into the science of nutrition, I made changes in my life that began to have an effect. I began to sleep better and was eventually able to stop taking my medication for depression.


It was this journey of learning that lead me to create EVVOBODY and to bring the natural, bioavailable alternatives I had found for women’s health, energy, mood, inflammation, metabolism, and digestion to other women who could use the same pure nutrients and self-love that my body desperately needed. 


Most of all, I wanted to empower women to evolve, to find that seed of strength within them to say yes, and to step fearlessly onto the path that the universe has set in front of them — to say yes to your EVVO-lution of body and soul.

XO - Janelle Woolley