The Happy, Healthy Holiday Gift Guide: Season’s Greetings to You + Yours

How often do you need to buy a gift and get stuck on the “what” to get your special people? 

Whether it’s a small occasion or a big one, it doesn’t hurt to get a little help. With a little health and a whole lot of happiness, I’ve put together a list of things we at Evvobody are pretty sure will help you answer the holiday (or any!) gifting conundrum with style.


The Happy, Healthy Holiday Gift Guide: Season’s Greetings to You + Yours

For those in need of a little healing serenity today, tomorrow, and every day after that.


For BOOST, our healing hemp oil + turmeric drops, we celebrate our quest for calm with help from the quiet beauty of nature. Make a gorgeous gift of BOOST with the addition of these clear bubble wall vases or these beautiful hanging terrarium planters. Plants and greenery bring a feeling of calm, and when added to your home, they deliver a private daily sanctuary. We were delighted to learn that plants in your home can actually improve your health and overall happiness, too. This BOOST gift combo is one of our faves. A gift and gesture of wellness worth giving and receiving.


For those who plan to eat well (and do everything else well) this season.

The person who receives THRIVE appreciates the balance and comfort of a healthy gut. They know that not all probiotics are created equal and will appreciate not only the combination and quality of the specific strains in THRIVE but that it is shelf-stable and survives the gut to actually help where it counts. 

We recommend honoring your pursuit of a balanced microbiome with this spectacularly pure sea salt. Just like probiotics, not all salt is created equal, and we were shocked to learn that 90% of all salt carries microplastics from ocean dumping. But not this Colima sea salt — it’s hand-harvested by the Salineros of the Laguna de Cuyutlán in Colima, Mexico, and is guaranteed to be microplastic-free. You can actually taste the difference, and the person receiving this gift will love its purity. Those two items alone would be a beautiful gift, but if you really want to take it to the next level, add this subscription by ButcherBox, which delivers the highest-quality, grass-fed meat to your recipient's door. A gut-easy trio with natural flavor and purity if we ever saw one! 


For those who plan to eat well (and do everything else well) this season.

Stressed, anxious, worried? Kids running wild, the boss on fire? Peace out for a sec with CALM. Natural anxiety reducers and herbal remedies for wellbeing and relaxation will serve up a much-needed helping of bliss to counter the daily chaos.

Want to make it glorious? Add CALM to this scenario: When your friend gets home at the end of the day, she can open a bottle of wine you gifted her or from this wine subscription, chuckle at the Corkatoo Corkscrew you gave her, and begin watching Catastrophe immediately. She will only regret that she didn't do this much, much sooner. Who said you had to give this one to someone else? Best advice, share the love and gift it to both of you.


For those who want to love what they see in the mirror.

Ladies, while we all want to look younger, we know there are only so many options available to us. Antioxidants are what nature gives us, and nature is smart. Antioxidants are these little unseen things, but here's the deal: they really do make a difference. They go to battle against the damage of free radicals. And for what it's worth, this is the best thing next to a facelift (and a lot less expensive).

Gift REWIND with another type of facelift, one for your pillows and here's another great one. These are simply beautiful and will instantly transform your space with cool style without having to replace all your furniture. Who would have thought antioxidants and pillows had something in common? But after all of our best efforts never forget the true beauty we have on the inside.


For those who just want to look forward with a jumpstart on our new and improved self?

Let’s get real for a minute: It’s the end of the year, and a few of us are ready to leave the year behind and start fresh — on the calendar and in our bodies. For the people on your list who want to start new, SPARK combines raw, organic apple cider vinegar with healthy probiotics to flush out and detoxify the body. Plus, it will allow a rejuvenated gut to be prepared to release excess weight. Ooo, sounds like the perfect restart, right?

And while you’re at it, why not gift some easy ways to clean out our home spaces, too? Apply powerful detox love to your home surfaces with Mabu kitchen cloths. Made of natural wood fiber, Mabu cloths are naturally bacteria-resistant, super absorbent, and even clean well without the use of soap. We adore these cleaning cloths and gift them often to our people who like luxury and practicality all in one package! Add to this an easy way to deodorize the stinkiest places in our home. A unique way to gift a lifestyle cleanse in several totally satisfying ways.


For those expecting one of nature’s best gifts.

What’s better than the gift of a beautiful, healthy future? For nourishing mamas and babies, MAMA is a powerful combination of DHA, folate, and iron, all essential vitamins to help fight inflammation, reduce the risk of premature birth, and help support healthy development. These vitamins are ideal whether you’re in Month 1, Month 6, or Month 24, so give the gift that keeps on giving!

Want to make it especially memorable for a new mom? This custom cuff bracelet can be personalized to include the baby’s name, birthday, time of birth, and more, and is made from silver. Truly a gift to remember!


And that’s a wrap! Enjoy picking out your holiday paper, getting into the season, and presenting a happy and healthy gift from the heart this year.

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